Child and Adolescent Impact Assessment (CAIA)

The Child and Adolescent Impact Assessment (CAIA), formerly called the Child and Adolescent Burden Assessment (CABA), was developed by A. Angold, M.K.S. Patrick, B.J. Burns, and E.J. Costello.

Although adult psychiatric disorders have been found to be substantial sources of burden for family caretakers, less attention has been paid to the measurement of impact on the family resulting from children’s psychiatric disturbance. 

The CAIA begins with a brief summary of the symptoms (“problems”) that a parent has previously described his or her child as having and focuses the rest of the interview on questions about the impact of these symptoms on the family. The CAIA is administered to the child’s parent or caretaker by a trained lay interviewer. Like most adult measures of burden, the CAIA takes a multidimensional view, assessing both subjective and objective aspects.

CAIA Documents

The following documents are for review only. Formal training is required to administer the CAIA.


Formal training is required to administer the CAIA and can be accomplished in a half-day training session. Contact Brian Small at for more details.


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