Development & Aging

Baby's and parents' hands folded together (black and white)

The human brain undergoes significant changes throughout life, and these changes can give rise to psychiatric disorders during various stages. This has prompted scientists to explore the brain's plasticity alongside the evolving social, familial, and occupational roles that accompany the lifespan.

At Duke Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, our researchers are at the forefront of scientific inquiry, harnessing advancements in neuroscience, pharmacology, genetics, and systems biology. Their focus lies in understanding brain maturation, psychosocial development, and the aging process. By leveraging these insights, they aim to unravel the underlying causes of psychiatric disorders, identify individuals at higher risk, and develop interventions to prevent or mitigate mental illness.

Duke scientists are engaged in investigating a wide range of conditions, including autism spectrum disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, late-life depression and Alzheimer's disease.