Clinical Research Facility

The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences' clinical research facility, located at Duke North Pavilion, is an 8,500 square foot centralized research core that provides access to technologies, equipment, facilities and service resources to investigators engaged in clinical and behavioral health research. The facility expands investigators' capabilities and fosters collaboration accelerating discovery and translation.

Research investigators and staff have access to a wide collection of clinical research spaces, including:

  • Duke Psychiatry staff members perform an EEG simulation.
    Duke Psychiatry staff members perform an EEG simulation in the clinical research facility.
    21 interview rooms
  • 10 testing rooms
  • 10 assessment rooms
  • 4 exam rooms
  • 3 group therapy rooms
  • 1 phlebotomy/EKG/urine sample room with cardiovascular and respiratory recording equipment
  • 1 multipurpose room with EEG and sleep lab equipment
  • 1 MRI mock scanner room
  • 1 medication room
  • 1 nourishment room
  • Observation/monitoring system (CAE LearningSpace) – rooms outfitted with cameras, speakers and microphones with capabilities to record, annotate and assess
  • 4 storage rooms 
  • Nurses' station

“Mental illness is too often a source of great pain and suffering to individuals, families, and society at large. At Duke, we are committed to changing this. Our clinical research unit brings together leading scientists working to develop and test new, cutting-edge interventions with the singular goal of promoting new treatments for mental illness – treatments that can provide help faster, safer, and more effectively.”
 Jonathan Posner, MD, Vice Chair of Research