Geriatric Behavioral Health

Geriatric Behavioral Health

Geriatric Behavioral Health is a field of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in older adults. These disorders include dementia, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and late-life schizophrenia. Geriatric psychiatrists and psychologists have specialized training in the special physical, emotional, and social needs of older patients that allows for a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Such care includes listening and responding to the concerns of the older adult, helping families, and when necessary, working with other health care professionals to develop effective approaches to treatment. Co-existing medical illnesses, medications, family issues, social concerns, and environmental issues are integrated into a comprehensive program of care.

In addition to providing clinical care, Duke geriatric psychiatrists and psychologists are actively involved in research of mental disorders of older adults. This research covers a broad range and includes clinical trials of new medications for mood disorders and dementia, understanding the role of psychotherapy in geriatric depression, neuroimaging findings in mood and cognitive disorders, the importance of religion in mental health, and medical and cognitive consequences of mood disorders.

The Division of Geriatric Behavioral Health also has an educational mission. The Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program trains physicians who have completed general psychiatry training and wish to specialize in geriatric psychiatry. Faculty in the Division also train general residents, psychology interns and medical students at Duke. Equally important are the educational programs provided by Division Faculty for non-psychiatric physicians and other health providers in the community as well as for the general public.


The Geriatric Behavioral Health Division includes several research programs:

The Division is also affiliated with the following programs:

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Clinical Care

Duke offers a variety of geriatric mental health clinics and services.

  • For comprehensive evaluation, including both geriatric internal medicine specialists and geriatric psychiatrists, please call the Geriatric Evaluation and Treatment (GET) Clinic at 919-620-4070.
  • For evaluation and treatment of memory and behavioral problems related to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, please call the Neurological Disorders Clinic at 919-668-7600.
  • For evaluation and treatment of Mood or Anxiety Disorders by a geriatric psychiatrist, please call 919-684-0100.
  • For evaluation of sleep disorders, please call 919-681-8788.
  • To find out about clinical research studies in Alzheimer's disease and geriatric depression, please visit Duke's clinical trials site.