Community Based Substance Use Disorder Research Program

Community Based Substance Use Disorder Research Program

Substance use related disorders are a key driver of poorer health, medical complications, and high healthcare costs. A wide range of complex personal, psychosocial, financial, and organizational factors have contributed to low or inadequate utilization of treatment services for substance use disorders. Addressing substance use disorders or behavioral health in medical settings is essential to achieving the triple-aim reform and value-based care.

Our Strategic Directions

  • Leverage medical records data to maximize discovery
  • Transform healthcare through data science and informatics
  • Develop patient-clinician-researcher partnerships
  • Engage stakeholders and community-clinical partnerships
  • Integrate the best clinical knowledge into care decisions
  • Promote share-decision making.
  • Improve care continuity and long-term outcomes
  • Monitor the quality of healthcare through performance measures

Our CORE Values: Courage, Optimism, Respect, Excellence

Our Missions:

  • Conduct and promote community-based and practice-based substance use disorder research
  • Engage stakeholders in need assessment efforts and research projects
  • Mentor and support postdoctoral researchers and young investigators
  • Provide a forum for cross-disciplinary collaboration of potential studies
  • Generate evidence-based data to inform clinical practice and health policy
  • Disseminate research data to communities

The program director is Li-Tzy Wu, RN, ScD, MA, professor in psychiatry and medicine. You can reach Dr. Wu at or (919)889-9639.


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