Debanjali Kundu, MD

Debanjali Upasana Kundu

Undergraduate School
UNC-Chapel Hill

Medical School
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Residency Program
Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist


Interests & Career Goals

Community mental health, and mental health advocacy/policy

Favorite Pastimes

Traveling, fitness, and I'm a self-proclaimed foodie!

Strengths of the Program

The wide variety of rotations and practice environments, including rotations at Central Regional Hospital, and the focus on social determinants of health. I also loved how warm and friendly everyone was, while also being great mentors to learn from!

Research Interests

Suicide prevention, cultural psychiatry, and health equity


  • Denizard-Thompson, N., Palakshappa, D., Vallevand, A., Kundu, D., Brooks, A., DiGiacobbe, G., ... & Miller, D. P. (2021). Association of a health equity curriculum with medical student's knowledge of social determinants of health and confidence in working with underserved populations. JAMA network open, 4(3), e210297-e210297.

Poster Presentations

  • When Lorazepam Fails: Treatment of Catatonia with Zolpidem in a Delirious Patient. Debanjali Kundu, Benjamin David Smart, Sahil Munjal. Presented at NCPA 9/30/22.
  • The role of N-Aceyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) in Managing Behavioral Symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review. Kaushal Shah, Debanjali Kundu, Luciana Giambarberi, Sahil Munjal. Presented at ANPA 3/15/23.
  • Severe Tourette Syndrome & Tongue Amputation: A Case for CBIT and a Collaborative Approach to Treatment. Debanjali Kundu, Kaushal Shah, Jaclyn M. Martindale, Sahil Munjal, Luciana Giambarberi. Presented at ANPA 3/17/23.
  • COVID-19 Induced Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) Debanjali Kundu, Benjamin D. Smart, Sahil Munjal. Presented at ANPA 3/18/2022.