Application Information

All applicants must apply through the ERAS website. We encourage applicants who are interested in the physician scientist track to select the “Psychiatry/Research” track when applying through ERAS. Applicants will also have the opportunity to express interest in the physician scientist track after receiving an invitation to interview (even if they did not select the research track when applying in ERAS).

  • The Psychiatry National Residency Match Program track number for the Categorical General Psychiatry program is 1529400C0.
  • The Psychiatry National Residency Match Program track number for the Research track is 1529400C3.

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Application Review

Applications will be reviewed once all components of the application have been submitted. The review of applications will begin on September 29, 2022, and we encourage applicants to have all components of their applications submitted by this date. We use a holistic review process, and USMLE scores are substantially de-emphasized in our screening and selection process. 

Application Requirements

We will only consider candidates who will be eligible for a Residency Training License in the State of North Carolina (see eligibility requirements here).

  • We require a minimum of three letters of recommendation (at least one from a psychiatrist)
  • We do not accept COMLEX Scores in place of USMLE Scores.
  • We have no minimum score requirement
  • Trainees must pass USMLE Step 1 and Step 2CK prior to beginning their Duke postgraduate training.
  • For graduates of non-U.S. medical colleges:
    • We require ECFMG certification (unless you have not yet graduated from medical school)
    • We sponsor J1 visas
    • We strongly encourage supervised clinical experience (preferably in psychiatry) of at least one month in the United States, with a reference letter from that site.
    • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer externships or observerships at this time.
  • Must be eligible to work at the VA:
    • All male applicants (as determined by gender assigned at birth for purposes of this requirement) who are U.S. citizens or immigrants must have registered with the Selective Service System within 30 days of their 18th birthday, or arrival date into the U.S. Individuals are eligible to register until the age of 26. Failure to register is a violation of federal law, and can face significant penalties, including loss of eligibility for citizenship for immigrants. Individuals who have not registered are not eligible for a variety of benefits including federal student aid, federal job training, and any job in the Executive Branch of the government (e.g. VA, Medicare, federal prisons), and are not allowed to work in federal facilities even as a resident or fellow.
    • In order to work at the VA, all applicants should ensure that they have registered for the Selective Service System if appropriate. If they have not registered, they should discuss this with their potential program director. Learn more


Applicants will be notified by email in mid- to late-October of an invitation to interview. Interviews will be held virtually for the 2023-2024 interview season, and will occur on Mondays and Wednesdays from October 30 through January 24.

The interview day consists of:

  • Program overview (with Program Director and Department Chair)
  • Four to five 30-minute interviews (Program Director, Associate Program Director, 1-2 Faculty, Resident)
  • Lunch panel with residents
  • Additional materials provided in advance of interview day (including virtual tours)
  • The day begins at 9:20am and ends between 2:30 and 4pm (depending on the timing of interviews), with breaks interspersed

Applicants invited to interview who are interested in the Physician Scientist Track may also be invited to participate in a separate research interview half-day.

We host three to four “Resident Hangouts” throughout the season, and applicants selected to interview are invited to attend any of these sessions. During the event, applicants rotate through breakout rooms to chat with residents in small groups in a casual and fun setting. These events are not required and applicant attendance is not tracked.

Our Philosophy

At Duke, we value transparency, and with this goal in mind would like to share more about our values, approach, and philosophy when it comes to recruitment:

  • We review every application we receive using a holistic review process.
  • We do not use any “cut-offs” to exclude applications from our review.
  • We blind our screening process to both USMLE scores and USMLE pass/fail status.
  • We recognize the potential bias that can occur in clerkship grading, class rank, AOA and letters of recommendation, and we interpret these items with caution.
  • We do not preferentially seek applicants from any particular or “top ranked” medical schools or from particular parts of the country or world.
  • With respect to the preference signaling program, we take preference signals into account when trying to select between two candidates who are otherwise equivocal. However, preference signals are not a primary factor in how we select applicants to interview.
  • We are seeking applicants whose passions come through strongly in their applications. We are particularly interested in individuals who have an interest in training to become an outstanding psychiatrist, who have demonstrated a track record of service and leadership, who are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, and those who have shown evidence of resilience and/or overcoming adversity. 
  • We encourage all applicants to apply! Imposter syndrome is real, and many of our residents have told us, “I never dreamed I would match at Duke.” Don’t sell yourself short—you are worthy. 
  • We maintain an interview waitlist, so if you do not receive an invite from us by mid-October, you may hear from us as the season progresses. We typically receive cancellations throughout the season, which allows individuals to move off of the waitlist.

Additional Information for Applicants

Learn about stipends, employment requirements and more on Duke’s Graduate Medical Education website.


If you have any questions, please contact the residency office at