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Meet the Faculty

The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences boasts a large and diverse group of talented and dynamic faculty, many of whom choose to stay at Duke expressly for the opportunities to teach and learn from trainees. Our programs' core faculty devote a significant amount of time and effort to the mission of teaching our residents. 

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Duke University School of Medicine

John Beyer, MD

Outpatient psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, mood & anxiety disorders and medical education

Gregory Brown, MD

Medicine-psychiatry, integrated care models, care coordination and patient-centered medical home

Sandra Brown, MD

Emergency psychiatry, inpatient psychiatry and medical education

Jacob Feigal, MD

Medicine psychiatry, healthcare for homeless individuals and population health

Jane Gagliardi, MD, MHS

Medicine psychiatry, quality improvement, evidence-based medicine and medical education

Elizabeth Gilbert, MD

Medicine psychiatry, mindfulness, CL psychiatry and general medicine

Susan Hazlett, PhD

Psychotherapy and family and couples therapy

Nicole Helmke, MD

Medicine psychiatry, community psychiatry, disparities, holistic care and medical education



Shelley Holmer, MD

Inpatient psychiatry, administrative psychiatry, health policy, patient safety and quality improvement

Wei Jiang, MD

Medicine psychiatry, mind-body (cardiovascular emphasis) and global health

Bryce Jones, MD

Medicine psychiatry and transplant psychiatry

Brian Kincaid, MD

Medicine psychiatry, ED psychiatry, medical education and leadership

Poonam Sharma, MD

Medical education, evidence-based medicine and hospital medicine

Kristen Shirey, MD

Medicine psychiatry, CL psychiatry, inpatient medicine psychiatry integration and leadership

Heather Vestal, MD, MHS

Inpatient psychiatry, wellness and medical education

Marla Wald, MD

Psychotherapy, outpatient psychiatry, transgender care and perinatal psychiatry

Aimee Zaas, MD

General medicine, transplant infectious diseases, epidemiology and medical education

Joseph Zanga, MD

Medicine psychiatry and chronic pain



Central Regional Hospital

Justin GettingsJustin Gettings, MD

Severe and persistent mental illness, psychotic disorders and community psychiatry

Zachary LaneZachary Lane, MD

Severe and persistent mental illness, psychotic disorders and community psychiatry

Barbara Mattox, MD

Community psychiatry and leadership

Elizabeth Sumner, MD

Severe and persistent mental illness, psychotic disorders and community psychiatry

Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Tracey Holsinger, MD

Inpatient psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, military psychiatry, community psychiatry, administration and medical education

Rebekah Jakel, MD

Neuropsychiatry, CL psychiatry, movement disorder psychiatry and medical education

Warren Kinghorn, MD

Medical humanities, spirituality and psychiatry and medical education

David Simel, MD

Evidence-based medicine, internal medicine, and medical education

Veshesvini Raman, MD

Medical education, internal medicine psychiatry, psycho-oncology and menteal health primary care integration

Paul Riordan, MD

Medicine psychiatry, care of veterans and medical education