About our Fellow

Anthony Finch

Anthony Finch, MD

Medical School
Weill Cornell Medicine

New York Presbyterian – Weill Cornell Medicine

Interests and Career Goals

I am interested in geriatric psychiatry, psychiatric treatment for survivors of trauma, mental health outreach to underserved communities, and clinical psychiatric research.  I am also very interested in the intersection between mental health, faith, spirituality, and philosophy.  I hope to channel my interests to develop a career, likely in academic medicine, providing the absolute best care I can for all people whom I treat.

Favorite Pastimes

Spending time with my family, exercising, reading, baseball, traveling

Strengths of the Program

Having developed an interest in geriatric psychiatry during my PGY3 year of residency, I first became interested specifically in the Duke Geriatric Psychiatry Program after speaking with Dr. Julie Penzner, currently vice chair of education in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Penzner was my residency program director at Cornell prior to coming to Duke, and she had so many wonderful things to say about the Duke Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences as a dynamic, clinically excellent, academically impressive department full of motivated, inspiring people.  
My interest in this fellowship grew further when I had to opportunity to speak with program director Dr. Tracey Holsinger about the specifics of the fellowship itself. This program offers top-quality training in geriatric psychiatry at a medical institution that excels in both clinical and academic medicine; this combines with a commitment to reaching out to underserved populations to make this program incredibly strong. For me, the close association (institutionally and geographically) with a large VA Hospital was also a major strength as veterans are a population about which I am very passionate.

Research Interests

PTSD, OCD, depression, rural mental health outreach


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  • Finch AJ, Benson JM, Donnelly PE, Torzilli PA.  Light Absorptive Properties of Articular Cartilage, ECM Molecules, Synovial Fluid, and Photoinitiators as Potential Barriers to Light-Initiated Polymer Scaffolding Procedures.  Cartilage.  2019 Jan; 10(1): 82-93.          
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  • Finch, Anthony J; My Mentors in Medicine; pp 464-468; In Handbook of Research on the Efficacy of Training Programs and Systems in Medical Education; IGI Global; 2019; Gotian R, Kang Y, Safdieh J.

Poster Presentations

  • Finch A, Elgudin-Haim J, Dickerman A.  Improving Management of Medically Ill Patients with Psychiatric Consultations: Implementation of a Permanent Social Work Liaison.  (2021, April).  NYPH Healthcare Quality House Staff Poster Session.  New York, New York        
  • Finch A, Ringel JB, Dargar S, Halladay J, Cene C, Cherrington A, Cummings D, Safford M.  Improved social functioning as a protective factor against depressive symptoms among Black belt African Americans enrolled in the Southeastern Collaboration to Improve blood Pressure Control study. (2019, April).  2nd Annual Cornell Center for Health Equity Symposium.  Ithaca, New York.          
  • Finch A, Donnelly PE, Torzilli PA.  An Assessment of the Native Species in Articular Cartilage and Synovial Fluid as Potential Absorptive Barriers to UV-Initiated Scaffold Polymerization. (2015, June).  Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference.  Snowbird, Utah.

Wonder where our fellows go when they graduate?

The Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship offers an exceptionally strong clinical foundation that prepares psychiatrists for a range of careers. Here’s a snapshot of their initial destinations after the fellowship (based on data from 2013 to 2023):

Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Alumni Pie Chart - Academic Appointment 73%, Salaried or private practice 27%