About our Fellow

Avee Champaneria

Avee Champaneria, MBBS

Medical School
Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, India

Duke University School of Medicine

Interests and Career Goals

Neurocognitive disorders, geriatric mood disorders, existential challenges in the elderly, palliative care, clinician education/teaching, administrative psychiatry, culturally sensitive mental health care, diversity, equity and inclusion, forensic psychiatry.

Favorite Pastimes

Traveling, learning about different cultures, cooking, spending time with family, listening to music, reading/audiobooks.

Strengths of the Program

Strong and supportive leadership who are invested in fellows' learning and well-being.


Wonder where our fellows go when they graduate?

The Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship offers an exceptionally strong clinical foundation that prepares psychiatrists for a range of careers. Here’s a snapshot of their initial destinations after the fellowship (based on data from 2011 to 2021):

Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Alumni Pie Chart - Academic Appointment 73%, Salaried or private practice 27%