Mary Fessler, MD

Molly Fessler

Undergraduate School
Bryn Mawr College

Medical School
University of Michigan Medical School 



Interests and Career Goals

Neuromodulation, pain medicine, integrative psychiatry, street psychiatry, care for underserved communities

Favorite Pastimes

Time with family, reading, listening to podcasts, trying new recipes, going on adventures to new parks, coffee shops, and bookstores

Strengths of the Program

The people! The warmth, kindness, and sense of community I experienced at Duke was second to none. I felt this was a place where I would be given the support to learn, become a great clinician, and follow my interests. I knew I would be able to be my authentic self at Duke and that my family and I would thrive. 

Areas of Prior Research

Medical education, experiences of underserved populations with healthcare utilization and barriers to care, content analysis, qualitative inquiry 


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Poster Presentations

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