Joyce Meza-Venegas, MD

Joyce Meza Venegas

Medical School
Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil




Interests and Career Goals

Forensic psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, psychedelic-assisted therapy

Favorite Pastimes

Exploring nature, yoga and meditation, coin collecting, traveling to new places, hanging out with family and friends

Strengths of the Program

Diversity in residents, academic opportunities, strong mentorship, state-of-the-art health center, and promotion of resident wellness

Areas of Prior Research

Positive psychology, psychosis, neurophobia


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  • Ruiz-Hernandez, H., Meza-Venegas J., Snyder, S. K. (2021). The key to simplified management of an undescended parathyroid adenoma. Cirugía y cirujanos, 89(S1), 37-42. 

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  • Moreno, D., Meza, J. and Santibanez, R. (2016). Bilateral Thalamic Infarct. Revista Ecuatoriana de Neurología (REN), 25(1-3), p.80.

Poster Presentations

  • Meza-Venegas., J., Ghanime, P., Celano, C., Jacobson, L., Millstein, R., Massey, C., Feig, E., Chung, W., Huffman, J. (2023, Mar 01). A Randomized Pilot Trial of a Multicomponent Interactive Text Message Intervention to Promote Physical Activity in Midlife Adults: MASTERY Methods. 2023 Harvard Psychiatry Research Poster Session/Boston, MA, USA. 

  • Ghanime, P., Meza-Venegas., J., Celano, C., Jacobson, L., Feig, E., Madva, E., Huffman, J. (2023, Mar 01). Development and Testing of an Adaptive Text Message Intervention to Promote Psychological Well-Being and Reduce Cardiac Risk: the Text4Health Controlled Clinical Pilot Trial. 2023 Harvard Psychiatry Research Poster Session/Boston, MA, USA. 

  • Meza-Venegas., J., Celano, C., Huffman, J. (2022, Oct 13). An adaptive text message intervention to promote health behavior adherence in patients with cardiac risk conditions: The Text4Health Program. 2022 MGH Clinical Research Day/Boston, MA, USA. 

  • Moreno-Zambrano, D., Meza, J., Freire-Bonifacini, A., Santana, D., García-Santibáñez, C., Santibáñez-Vasquez, R.. (2019, May 05). Neurophobia, a Worldwide Concern for Neurology Training: A Systematic Review. 2019 Science Program by American Academy of Neurology/Philadelphia, PA, USA.