Hannah Campbell, MD, PhD

Hannah Campbell

Undergraduate School
Emory University

Graduate School
Baylor College of Medicine

Medical School
Baylor College of Medicine


Interests and Career Goals

Child and adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine/consult-liaison psychiatry

Favorite Pastimes

Gardening, parenting

Strengths of the Program

Duke Psychiatry is a supportive and warm program with outstanding leadership. There are also ample research opportunities with a highly collaborative research environment.

Areas of Prior Research

Cardiovascular electrophysiology


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Poster Presentations

Campbell, H., Ni, L., Li Ni, Reynolds, J., Alsina, K., Veleva,T., Abu-Taha, I., Quick, A., Donoviel, Z., Li, N., Dobrev, D., and Wehrens X. (2018). Downregulated Striated Muscle Preferentially Expressed Protein Kinase Enhances Susceptibility to Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation. American Heart Association BCVS Conference, San Antonio