Ben Haseen, MD

Ben Haseen

Undergraduate School
Georgia State University

Medical School
Morehouse School of Medicine



Interests and Career Goals

LGBT health, health equity and diversity, transgender health advocacy, integrated and collaborative care, activism through grassroots, organizational, and academic avenues

Favorite Pastimes

  • Photography 
  • Video editing - I have a YouTube channel where I talk about health literacy for minority patients. A huge part of the content I publish focuses on making sure trans patients are informed in the medical decisions they make for themselves. 
  • Cooking - I keep bellies full! 
  • Weightlifting, martial arts, and being a sporty guy in general

Strengths of the Program

Duke has celebrated me as a transgender man and is proud of the achievements I have made in the field of medicine. I have no doubt that they will give me the avenue to continue the advocacy platform I have worked so hard for in making sure all patients have a place at the table

Areas of Prior Research

HPV associated anal cancer, transgender health, LGBT health, health literacy and communications


  • Haseen, B. The Importance of Gender Inclusive Terminology in Anatomy Education. The FASEB Journal, 2022; 36: 

  • Haseen, B, Kahn, A, Belton, A, & Roth Bayer, C, “Healthcare for Transgender Men: What’s Missing in OBGYN Care?” Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, 2020;24(2):232-233. 

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  • Haseen, B. (2021). Haseen Self-Chest Examination For Transgender Patients [Infographic].

Poster Presentations

  • Haseen, B, Dubhashi, J, Williams, NK. “Breast Cancer: Creating Trans-Inclusive Patient Education”. Society of Public Health Educators Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 23-24, 2023. 

  • Martin, K, Haseen, B, Roth Bayer, C. “Decreasing Maternal Mortality in Black Women by Supplementing Current Obstetric Triage Systems”. Society of Public Health Educators Conference, Saint Louis, MO, April 7, 2021. 

  • Haseen, B, Martin, K, Roth Bayer, C. “HPV Anal Cancer in Black Men: The Role of At-Home Self Collection to Decrease Anal Cancer Disparities”. Society of Public Health Educators Conference, Saint Louis, MO, April 7, 2021. 

  • Haseen, B, Criego-Maravilla, A, McDonald, J, Nguyen, C. “Prioritizing the LGBT Community for The COVID-19 Vaccines.” 2021 LGBTQ Virtual Health Care Conference. Indiana University School of Medicine, IN, March 26, 2021.