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Adult Hospital-Based Services

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Shelley Holmer, MD

Clinical Services Unit (CSU) Director
Adult Services, Duke University Hospital


Clinical Services Unit Leadership

John Beyer, MD

Duke Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic

Jacob Feigal, MD

Electroconvulsive Therapy



Benson Hoffman, PhD

Outpatient Adult Transplant Psychology

Erin Howard, PhD

Consult-Liaison Psychiatry (Duke Raleigh Hospital)




Brian Kincaid, MD

Emergency Department (Duke University Hospital)



Neil Naik, MD

Consult-Liaison Psychiatry (Duke Raleigh Hospital)

Max Schiff, MD, PhD

Inpatient Psychiatry (Duke Regional Hospital)

Kristen Shirey, MD

Consult-Liaison Psychiatry (Duke University Hospital)


Jason Tatreau, MD

Consult-Liaison Psychiatry (Duke Regional Hospital)