Coping with Stress in the Time of COVID-19: Strategies to Enhance Resilience in Biomedical Graduate Students

Images of 4 Duke Psychiatry faculty members; headshots of Alexander Hish (2nd from left on top) and Christopher Nicchitta (far left, bottom)In this article published in the American Society for Microbiology, four Duke Psychiatry faculty members—Gabriela Nagy, PhD, Caitlin Fang, PhD, Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD, and M. Zachary Rosenthal, PhD—and two of their colleagues share advice to graduate students on coping with stress and building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They suggest strategies such as fostering community, avoiding procrastination, building a rewarding life outside of academic pursuits and cultivating acceptance. They also provide some additional resources for students.

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