Pandemic Generation: Kids in Crisis


"Pandemic Generation: Kids in Crisis," a new documentary from local TV station WRAL, shines a light on the lasting impacts of remote learning, quarantine and the uncertainty our kids have endured over the past two years. 

Middle school and high school students from the Triangle share their pandemic experiences and mental health struggles, and experts including Duke Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences faculty members Ernestine Briggs-King, PhD, Robin Gurwitch, PhD, and Gary Maslow, MD, MPH, discuss the mental health crisis among children and teens in North Carolina and beyond and provide advice for parents in supporting their children's mental health.

“Before, maybe it was one child in the classroom, one in 20, would have something that rose to the level of a clinical symptom. And now it's one in five.”
— Gary Maslow, MD, MPH

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