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Advancing Behavioral Health Together

Our 2022 annual report features highlights from our clinical, education and research missions; equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives; advocacy and media engagement; philanthropic efforts; and much more!

Read Select Articles from the Report:

Scientists Find Brain Network that Makes Mice Mingle

The difference between a social butterfly and a lone wolf is actually at least eight differences, according to new findings by a team of Duke brain researchers, led by Duke Psychiatry's Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD, and Stephen Mague, PhD. The research may lead to better diagnostic tools to understand how the brain changes in people with impaired social communication, such as those with autism spectrum disorder.

How Do You Talk to Children About War? A Duke Psychologist Offers Advice

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Robin Gurwitch and other mental health practitioners at the UCLA-Duke National Center for Child Traumatic Stress knew they needed to help others begin to navigate the conflict. The group quickly began pulling information together for “Talking to Children About War,” a resource for mental health experts and families.

MRI Scans Show Few Brain Differences in Children with ADHD

MRI scans of children aged 9–10 years with ADHD showed few differences in structural brain measurements compared to their unaffected peers, according to a study led by vice chair of research Jonathan Posner, MD. The finding points to the need for more refined imaging techniques to better characterize the underlying biology of ADHD.

Commentary: Race and Health — A Persistent American Dilemma

In a New England Journal of Medicine "Points of View" piece, Duke Psychiatry's Damon Tweedy, MD, reflects on his medical training and shares his thoughts on what medical educators and administrators can do to resolve racial health inequity.

Annise Weaver Wins Cook Society Award

Annise Weaver, MSEd, CRC, director of clinical operations and associate director of diversity, equity and inclusion, has won the 2022 Samuel DuBois Cook Society Staff Award in recognition of her leadership in diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism at Duke.