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Duke social culture and substance misuse prevention

November 3, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Justin Sharpe M.P.H. & Chris Stark, M.S.

This session will explore Duke University's home-grown approach to increasing incoming, first-year students' knowledge and understanding of overall well-being practices, while providing an opportunity for personal application as it pertains to the intersection of well-being and substance misuse prevention.

By utilizing a system called IMPACT Feedback and evidenced-based BASICS's Personalized Feedback Reporting as a prevention method, Duke University has developed an evidence-informed, pre-orientation module that enhances behavioral outcomes amongst incoming, first-year students. Evidence-based instruments (BASICS, Motivational Interviewing, Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale) are used throughout the module to provide a baseline for each student in the form of a Personalized Feedback Report that promotes resource-seeking behavior and personal reflection. This intersectional approach utilizes Duke's Health Coaching model and BASICS as a prevention tool to create an action plan prior to on-campus arrival.

Justin Sharpe, MPH, CHES
Associate Director, DuWell, Duke University Student Wellness Center

Justin Sharpe has over eight years of experience as collaborative public health leader with a demonstrated history of success and knowledge in facilitating positive, environmental culture change in a higher education setting as it relates to substance misuse prevention and wellness-promoting behaviors. Justin currently serves as the Associate Director of DuWell in the Student Wellness Center at Duke University where he oversees services related to substance misuse prevention and intervention.

Chris Stark, M.S.
Research Associate, Western Washington University
President, First Light Web Services

Chris has been in higher education since 2000, originally holding a position in health and wellness before moving to institutional research at Western Washington University. Chris has over 20 years of experience conducting survey research at WWU and other institutions. Additionally, Chris has been involved in developing technology for the health and wellness field since creating the first web-based case management platform used to administer BASICS in 2002. Since then Chris has worked with developers to create several applications including BASICS Feedback and IMPACT Feedback.

Please contact Tyler Lee for Zoom link access