Alexandra Bey, MD, PhD

Alex Bey

Medical School & Graduate School
Duke University

Psychiatry Residency
Duke University


Interests and Career Goals

Autism and developmental disorders, translational research, biomarkers for pre-clinical and clinical autism research.

Favorite Pastimes

Gardening and hiking with my family.

Why I Chose Duke

Duke is a great place to train in terms of breadth and depth of training experiences and elective opportunities. Durham is the best place to live.


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Scientific Reviews

  • Bey AL and Jiang YH (2014) Overview of mouse models of autism spectrum disorders. Current Protocols in Pharmacology 66(5):1-26.
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  • Hulbert SW, Yan H, Wang X, Bey AL, Lin MS, and Jiang YH (2020) Incompletely disrupting Shank3 expression postnatally is insufficient to produce phenotypes associated with germline deficiency. Under review.

Poster Presentations

  • Bey A, Sabatos-DeVito M, Howell T, Yuan A, Rohloff A, Belvin K, Simmons R, Troy J, Herold B, Carpenter K, Lorzenzi J, Murias M, Dawson G. (2019). Automated Video Tracking Biomarkers of Parent-Child Interaction Correlate with Autism Symptom Severity: Implications for Translational Research. 1st prize poster at NC Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at annual meeting.
  • Bey A, Sabatos-DeVito M, Howell T, Yuan A, Rohloff A, Belvin K, Simmons R, Troy J, Herold B, Murias M, Dawson G. (2019). Poster presentation at 2019 DIBS Distinguished Lecture & Symposium, “From Brain Circuits to Behavior: How Technology is Transforming the Science of Mental Health.
  • Bey AL, Brimble E, Gorman M, Gallentine W, Kohlenberg TM, Frankovich J, Van Mater H, Jiang YH, Van Haren K. (2018) Acute neuropsychiatric decline in adolescents with SHANK3-related disorders responds to immunomodulatory therapy: a case series. 1st prize poster at NC Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at annual meeting.