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CARE for Misophonia: Conversations About Research for Everyone

May 16, 2023

The CARE for Misophonia event was an exciting one-day event where leading Misophonia researchers shared their work!

To watch the videos from the Misophonia researchers who discussed their work, go here

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CMER Webinars

Duke CMER's first Quarterly Webinar of 2024 was held on Tuesday, January 9th at 12:30pm EST (9:30am PST). We appreciate all who could join us and we thank Dr. Jennifer Brout and Cris Edwards ( for helping to make this a successful webinar!

Duke CMER's director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal, shared updates on misophonia research, advocacy, and awareness in 2023.

This webinar was recorded.

What Makes Triggers Triggering in Misophonia? What Can be Done about Them?

Tuesday, October 25th 12-1pm EST (9-10am PST)

Marie-Anick Savard, PhD candidate from Concordia University, was the guest speaker. At Concordia, she is co-supervised by Dr. Emily Coffey (Coffey Lab: Audition, Sleep & Plasticity) and Dr. Mickael Deroche (Laboratory for Hearing and Cognition). Her research focuses on misophonia and using psychophysiological measures (electrodermal, cardiovascular, pupillometry) to look at the effect of cognitive processes on responses to trigger sounds. She discussed some of her current research findings and the projects currently being conducted at Concordia. CMER Director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal, and Cris Edwards from were in attendance to moderate and answer questions as well.

Misophonia: An Audiologist's Perspective

Wednesday, July 19th 12-1PM EST (9-10AM PST)

Dr. Prashanth Prabhu

Dr. Prashanth Prabhu is an audiologist and Assistant Professor at All India Hearing Institute of Speech and Hearing in Mysore, India. He is conducting research on Misophonia and shared his perspective on the role of audiology in treatment. 

Dr. Rosenthal, CMER director and Cris Edwards from were also in attendance.

Duke CMER's March Quarterly Webinar was held on Tuesday, March 21st 2023 at 7pm EST. We appreciate all who could join us and we thank Dr. Andrew Guzick from Baylor College of Medicine for making this a successful webinar! 

Duke CMER's Director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal, shared information about treating Misophonia in Adults, while highlighting interdisciplinary methods. Dr. Andrew Guzick from Baylor College of Medicine highlighted information regarding the treatment of Misophonia in kids. IMRN Director, Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout was also available to answer questions. 

Duke CMER's December Quarterly Webinar was held on Wednesday, December 14th at 7PM EST. We appreciate all who could join us and we thank Dr. Sylvie Raver, Dr. Jennifer Brout, and Cris Edwards ( in making this a successful webinar!

Duke CMER's director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal, shared updates that have occurred in misophonia research in 2022. Dr. Sylvie Raver, Director at the Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy, presented on Misophonia Research Fund's (MRF) role in misophonia research in 2022. IMRN Director, Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout was also available to answer questions.

This webinar was recorded.

The CMER quarterly research webinar was held on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 at 7:00PM EST. "Misophonia and Co-Occuring Disorders"

Dr. Rosenthal shared new data documenting the medical and mental health correlates of misophonia in adults from one of CMER's ongoing research projects.

This CMER Quarterly E-conference was held on Wednesday, October 20th at 7PM EST.

Dr. Rosenthal, CMER director, provided an overview of current misophonia research, ongoing studies, and a reflection of potential and upcoming research endeavors. He was joined by Dr. Jennifer Brout of Misophonia Education and IMRN.


Thank you to all of you who joined this October quarterly e-conference!

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

7:00PM EST (4:00PM PST)

Former Duke CMER’s, Dr. Clair Robbins provided updates about our Unified Protocol (UP) Treatment study for Misophonia. She discussed the rationale for using this treatment for adults with Misophonia and also shared preliminary treatment results for individuals who have completed the UP treatment or who are still currently receiving UP in the study. Participants in the study have misophonia and they receive up to 16 weeks of UP treatment via telehealth.

CMER Director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal and other members of CMER were also available to answer questions.

Thank you again to all that attended or will be listening afterwards!

CMER Quarterly Research Webinar with Drs. Andrada Neacsiu, Jennifer Brout and Zach Rosenthal

We held our 1 hour Zoom CMER quarterly webinar (partnering with Misophonia Education) on Saturday, April 17th, 2021 at 2pm EST (11am PST).

Duke CMER Faculty member, Dr. Andrada Neacsiu, talked about noninvasive neurostimulation.  Noninvasive neurostimulation involves using magnetic fields and electricity to alter the function of brain regions closest to the scalp. One type of neurostimulation, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been used to develop an FDA-cleared treatment for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other conditions. This e-conference was for the lay audience and was an introduction to neurostimulation as well as its potential utility to misophonia research and treatment. 

CMER Director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal and Dr. Jennifer Brout, the Director of the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) were also available to answer questions.

"But What Can I Do? Making Practical Sense of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies for Misophonia"

We had our CMER quarterly webinar (partnering with Misophonia Education) on Thursday, January 14th, 2021 at 6pm.

Dr. Clair Robbins
Dr. Clair Robbins

Dr. Zach Rosenthal and Dr. Clair Robbins spoke about cognitive behavioral therapies (CBTs), clarified how to use them in misophonia treatment and reviewed the studies that have mentioned misophonia and CBTs in the past. This workshop helps clinicians, parents, and sufferers make sense of the published treatment uncontrolled studies which have focused on CBTs.

CMER Director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal and Dr. Jennifer Brout, the Director of the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) were also available to answer questions.

Thank you to all of those who joined us on this webinar!

The CMER quarterly webinar (partnered with Misophonia Education) occurred Friday, September 25, 2020 from 12-1pm EST (9-10am PST).

Guest speakers, Drs. Nicolas Davidenko and Patrawat Samermit from UC Santa Cruz joined Dr. Zach Rosenthal, CMER Director, and spoke about their ongoing work with cross-sensory remapping for the treatment of Misophonia.

Thank you to all of those who joined us on this webinar!

Held on June 26, 2020 in partnership with Misophonia Education. The e-conference focused on the 23 and Me data pointing to a clue about the possible genetics underlying Misophonia. Dr. Doug Williamson is a Duke psychiatric geneticist collaborating with Duke CMER to explore the genetic underpinnings of Misophonia. He shared insights and answered questions about the 23 and Me findings pointing to the possible role of Teneurin Transmembrane Protein 2 (TENM2) in Misophonia. 

The CMER webinar was held on November 14, 2019 - "Misophonia: Insights from Recent Studies" and was led by Dr. Zach Rosenthal, CMER director.


Topic: Knowing and living Misophonia: research results and intervention strategies

July 2, 2022 - 11:30am to July 3, 2022 - 3:00pm

CMER's Dr. Zach Rosenthal spoke at the First International Conference of the Italian Misophonia Association held 02 Jul 2022 - 03 Jul 2022 in Salerno, Italy.

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July 1, 2022 - 8:30am to July 2, 2022 - 5:30pm

International Conference

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Classes & Workshops

June 6th & June 8th 2023

This class is a two-part class which follows the Regulate, Reason, Reassure misophonia coping skills educational program written by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout’s books for parents, clinicians, and adults. This class is meant for parents of children and teens with misophonia, adults with misophonia, or clinicians interested in learning more for their clients. This class is produced by Misophonia International, with guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout, who created Regulate, Reason, Reassure.

  • This is a 2 night class with each session being between 1hour and 30 minutes to 1 hours depending on the Q&A period.
  • They offer videos for 30 days for those who cannot attend live, or who would like to review the material.
  • Families can attend on one sign-up. Please feel free to forward the email with the zoom links to each family member you would like to attend.

The class is only available as a complete package as both classes are connected. If you cannot attend a session live, there will be video provided that you can watch at your leisure. Videos will also be available to review for 30 days after attendance.

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