CARE for Misophonia: Conversations About Research for Everyone

CARE for Misophonia

CARE for Misophonia Day 2024 was the second annual open-access, virtual misophonia research event that is for everyone! 

For those that were unable to attend the presentations live, all recordings have been posted to the SoQuiet YouTube channel (@soquietorg), website (, and can be found below!

Welcome & Intro
Why misophonia occurs with other conditions with Dr. Jamie Ward
Misophonia, self-harm & suicidal ideation with Dr. Julia Simner
Mimicry in misophonia with Dr. Sukhbinder Kumar
Conversation: Misophonia in Childhood
Stress, trauma, & misophonia with Dr. Zach Rosenthal
Learning through doing: what therapy has taught us about misophonia with Dr. Jane Gregory
Conversation: Causes of Misophonia
Conversation: Misophonia Treatment
CARE for Misophonia Event 2024 • Q&A and Closing

CARE for Misophonia 2023 Recordings

Welcome Introduction
Prevalence of Misophonia: Dr. Jane Gregory
Genetics and Misophonia: Dr. Dirk J. A. Smit
Audiology and Misophonia: Dr. Prashanth Prabhu
Misophonia and Certain Sounds: Dr. Jamie Ward
Neurostimulation for Misophonia: Dr. Andrada Neacsiu
Panel Q&A: Morning Speakers
Misophonia and the Brain: Dr. Sukhbinder Kumar
Misophonia and the Brain: Dr. Heather Hansen
Misophonia and Social Situations: Sarah Banker
Misophonia in Children: Dr. Andrew Guzick
Perception and Misophonia: Dr. Nicolas Davidenko
Panel Q&A: Afternoon Speakers
CARE for Misophonia Day • Closing Remarks