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We are a young center that we hope will continue to grow from additional philanthropic funding and small grants. Our team is led by Dr. Zach Rosenthal, his long-time Research Program Leader, Lisalynn Kelley, CCRP, Clinical Research Coordinator, Emily Pisani and Faculty researchers, Drs. Ashley Moskovich and Andrada Neacsiu.

5th year Duke University Ph.D. students, Rachel Guetta, MA and Jacqueline Trumbull, MA, 1st year Ph.D. student Yanyan Shan, and several Duke University undergraduate researchers support the team.

Together with our collaborators, we are excited to offer important tools for evaluating Misophonia: Duke Misophonia Questionnaire (DMQ) and Duke Misophonia Interview (DMI). When working with a potential misophonia client, consider integrating Processed-Based Therapy (PBT) and using our available PBT for Misophonia Matrix Worksheet. Finally we offer our publication, "Treatment of Misophonia" as a thorough resource to refer to when seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one.

Download the PDF version of "Treatment of Misophonia."

If you have any questions about any of the resources, please feel free to reach out to the Duke CMER team, as well as if you are interested in future collaborations and research.

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Clinical Care

To learn more about clinical care for misophonia at Duke, visit the Duke Health website.