Zargham Abbas, MD

Zargham Abbas

Undergraduate School
Brock University

Medical School
Spartan Health Sciences University



Interests and Career Goals

Consultation-liaison psychiatry, global mental health, neurodevelopmental disorders, anxiety disorders

Favorite Pastimes

Spending time with my family, trying out different foods, exercising

Strengths of the Program

Duke has variety of specialty clinics, including a strong consultation-liaison service, which align with my interests. And, the faculty's dedication towards their fellows' learning is palpable.


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Poster Presentations

  • Abbass, Z. & Hellings, J. (2021). Low dose amitriptyline for repetitive behaviors and OCD in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Three illustrative cases. International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) annual conference 
  • Abbass, Z., Sibtain, S., Gill, A., & Jafri, S. (2021). Diagnostic approach for a capacity assessment of a psychiatric patient: A Case Challenge. American Psychiatric Association annual conference 
  • Abbass, Z., Shah, N., & Bond, M. (2021). Clozapine-induced diabetic ketoacidosis: A Case Report. American Psychiatric Association annual conference 
  • Abbass, Z., Sibtain, S., & Jafri, S. (2021). Pedophilic traits in an adolescent- A case report. American Psychiatric Association annual conference
  • Bhatt, A., Patel, R., & Abbass, Z. (2021). PCP Abuse Trends in the USA: A Retrospective Analysis using Big Data. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry annual conference 
  • Koirala, P., Abbass, Z., Wagle, B., & Gratton, S. (2021). A case report of downbeat nystagmus in a patient taking lamotrigine. American Academy of Neurology annual conference 
  • Bhatt, A., Abbass, Z., Beyer, L., Morris, K. (2020). Suicide and homicides by firearms in young Missouri residents, and changes in Missouri Firearm Policy from 1999-2018. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry annual conference
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