Ye Kyung Song, MD, PhD

Yekki Song

Undergraduate School
University of Houston

Medical School
University of Texas Medical Branch


Interests and Career Goals

Teaching medical humanities, practicing general psychiatry, researching best practices for education

Favorite Pastimes   

Arts and crafts of some sort—depending on the season, it is usually embroidery, pottery, or crochet/knitting. I also enjoy hiking, bouldering, and weight lifting.

Strengths of the Program   

Longitudinal psychotherapy clinic and electives in third and fourth year, Clinician Educator Track, culture of resident wellness, and program leadership's transparency and commitment to improvement

Research Interests

I'm primarily a qualitative researcher and interested in questions of normative ethics. Topics in the past have included systemic reasons for burnout and graphic medicine.


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Poster Presentations

  • Song, Y.  Performing Femininity in Bikini Bodybuilding.  Talking Bodies 3rd Annual Meeting: Institute of Gender Studies at the University of Chester, Chester, U.K.  April 19-22, 2017.
  • Song, Y.  Implicit Narratives in Gastroschisis Research.  National Conference for Physician-Scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge, MA.  April 29-30, 2017.
  • Song, Y.  Expressions of Medical Student Burnout Online: An Autonetnographic Study. Calgary Health Humanities Symposium, Calgary, Canada.  October 18-19, 2018.
  • Song, Y.  Graphic Medicine Workshop. Medical Humanities Course, Trent Center for Bioethics and Humanities, Durham, NC. March 24, 2022.
  • Song, Y.  Graphic Medicine Workshop in "What's the Story, Exploring the What, Why and How of Narrative Medicine," Durham, NC. Fall 2022.
  • Song, Y. "Standing in Relation to The Bad Thing: On Pathographies," Narrative Medicine Winter Series, Durham, NC. March 28, 2022.
    Song, Y. Graphic Medicine/Poetry Workshop in "Narrative Medicine: Purpose, Practice & Pedagogy," Durham, NC. April 28, 2023.