Sonal Jain, DO

Sonal Jain

Undergraduate School
Boston University

Medical School
New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine



Interests and Career Goals

Cultural psychiatry, social determinants of health, and collaborative care. I would like to pursue a mix of academic and outpatient care.

Favorite Pastimes

Baking, skiing, hiking and searching for the latest and greatest restaurants.

Strengths of the Program

Duke has a large and diverse faculty with a wide variety of rotation sites. I am excited to have the opportunity to train in a large academic institution with such a warm and supportive network!

Research Interests

Cultural psychiatry, South Asian mental health, collaborative care, mental health stigma

Areas of Prior Research

Collaborative care, mental health stigma, cultural psychiatry


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Poster Presentations

  • Kredlow, M.A., Jain, S., Lo, S.B., Tseng, A., Kwan, N., Schiff, J. & Otto, M.W. Challenges in Interfering with the Reconsolidation of Negative Autobiographical Memories. Poster presented November 2014 for the 48th Annual Convention: Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Kredlow, M.A., Jain, S., & Otto, M.W. Reconsolidation Interference of Trauma-Related Memories of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Abstract presented November 2014 to 30th annual meeting of International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, Miami, FL.
  • Szuhany, K.L., Borkum, D., Jain, S., & Otto, M.W. Adopting Social Psychology Strategies: The Influence of Conceptual Priming on Distress Intolerance. Poster presented November 2014 to 48th annual convention of Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Philadelphia, PA.

Invited Talks

“Medications to Treat Bipolar Disorder” Webinar for residents of Liberia Psychiatry Program, Boston Medical Center, Liberia “Substance Use Education in an Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project”Grand Rounds, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA.