Allison Robertson

Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Social and Community Psychiatry
School of Medicine

Associate Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy

Sanford School of Public Policy
Sanford School of Public Policy
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Box 3071 Med Ctr., Durham, NC 27710

Brightleaf Square, Ste 23E, Durham, NC 27701

(919) 385-0856 agilbert@psych.duhs.duke.edu

Research interests include mental health and substance abuse services and policy; links between mental illness, substance abuse and criminal justice involvement; effectiveness of criminal diversion and prison re-entry programs for adults with serious mental illness; and other legal and policy mechanism as mental health interventions.

Education & Training

M.P.H. 2002

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ph.D. 2009

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

NRSA T32 Mental Health Services and Systems Research Training Program, Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences

Duke University School of Medicine


Mental Disorders Prevalence Study

Juvenile Delinquency and Adult Gun Sales: Comparative effectiveness of different minimum age standards for firearm purchase by adults with youthful crime records in North Carolina, Florida, and Virgin

A feasibility study for testing the effects of extended-release naltrexone (Vivitrol) on recidivism and other participant outcomes in drug court settings

Implementation and Effectiveness of "Dangerous Persons" Gun-Seizure Laws in Connecticut and Indiana

Policy and interventions for adults with SMI and criminal justice involvement

National Institutes of Health

Gender differences in jail diversion for adults with co-occurring disorders

National Institutes of Health

Implementing Psychiatric Advance Directives with Peer Specialist Facilitators

Department of Education

Do brief incarcerations before jail diversion enhance its legal leverage and improve outcomes among people with serious mental illness in CT?

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Gender-specific participation and outcomes among jail diversion clients with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders

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The effect of Medicaid expansion on use of opioid agonist treatment and the role of provider capacity constraints.

PMID 32166761
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Impact of psychiatric advance directive facilitation on mental health consumers: empowerment, treatment attitudes and the role of peer support specialists.

PMID 32013647
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Thinking Carefully About Marijuana Legalization: Public Health Considerations for State Policy Makers.

PMID 31056004
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Criminal Justice and Suicide Outcomes with Indiana's Risk-Based Gun Seizure Law.

PMID 30988021
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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Alcohol-Dependent Adults With Serious Mental Illness and Criminal Justice Involvement: Effects on Treatment Utilization and Outcomes.

PMID 29961358
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Associations between pharmacotherapy for opioid dependence and clinical and criminal justice outcomes among adults with co-occurring serious mental illness.

PMID 29415846
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Extended-release naltrexone and drug treatment courts: Policy and evidence for implementing an evidence-based treatment.

PMID 28274648
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Facilitation of Psychiatric Advance Directives by Peers and Clinicians on Assertive Community Treatment Teams.

PMID 28366114
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Involuntary Outpatient Commitment and the Elusive Pursuit of Violence Prevention.

PMID 27777274
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Implementation and effectiveness of connecticut's risk-based gun removal law: Does it prevent suicides?

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Gun Violence, Mental Illness, And Laws That Prohibit Gun Possession: Evidence From Two Florida Counties.

PMID 27269024
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Mental Health Courts: Does Treatment Make a Difference?

PMID 27032793
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Influence of Criminal Justice Involvement and Psychiatric Diagnoses on Treatment Costs Among Adults With Serious Mental Illness.

PMID 25975893
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Building on the Evidence: Guiding Policy and Research on Police Encounters with Persons with Mental Illnesses.

PMID 26941588
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Treatment participation and medication adherence: effects on criminal justice costs of persons with mental illness.

PMID 25270494
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Mental health and reoffending outcomes of jail diversion participants with a brief incarceration after arraignment.

PMID 24828832
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Patterns of justice involvement among adults with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: key risk factors.

PMID 24633645
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Costs of criminal justice involvement among persons with serious mental illness in connecticut.

PMID 23494058
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Preventing gun violence involving people with serious mental illness

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Differential service utilization associated with trauma-informed integrated treatment for women with co-occurring disorders.

PMID 21706408
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Mental illness and firearm violence.

PMID 21900130
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Service Utilization Patterns as Predictors of Response to Trauma-Informed Integrated Treatment for Women With Co-occurring Disorders.

PMID 22368532
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Monograph: 'Police Interventions with Persons Affected by Mental Illnesses'

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Reductions in arrest under assisted outpatient treatment in New York.

PMID 20889637
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Continuing medication and hospitalization outcomes after assisted outpatient treatment in New York.

PMID 20889635
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Robbing Peter to pay Paul: did New York State's outpatient commitment program crowd out voluntary service recipients?

PMID 20889636
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Assessing outcomes for consumers in New York's assisted outpatient treatment program.

PMID 20889634
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Barriers to the adoption and implementation of preventive dental services in primary medical care.

PMID 20123767
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Psychiatric advance directives and reduction of coercive crisis interventions.

PMID 20221301
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Cost-effectiveness of pharmacotherapies for nicotine dependence in primary care settings: a multinational comparison.

PMID 16728744
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The cost effectiveness of pharmacological smoking cessation therapies in developing countries: a case study in the Seychelles.

PMID 15175539
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Cost-effectiveness analysis of the first-line therapies for nicotine dependence.

PMID 12759795
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