Duke Cancer Psychiatric Support

Everyone responds differently to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  When confronted with a serious illness, it is normal to have feelings of sadness, confusion, anger, hopelessness, or isolation. At Duke Health, we believe it is important to care for the whole patient, which includes both physical and mental health. 

Duke Health offers support services to both patients and their families who are coping with cancer. When approaching the varying psychological and emotional difficulties that can accompany cancer, our team of Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists are equipped to provide both behavioral and medicinal therapies while working with your healthcare team to provide an individual and family care plan that is specific to your needs.

Our team will work with you to address psychological and emotional issues such as:

•       Anxiety
•       Bipolar Disorder
•       Couples coping
•       Cognitive changes
•       Depression
•       Fatigue
•       Insomnia

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our cancer care professionals please have your physician request a referral.