Nilou Farid, MBBS

Nilou Farid

Undergraduate School
University of Calgary

Medical School
University College Cork


Interests and Career Goals

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Consult Liaison 

Favorite Pastimes

Traveling and exploring new cultures, trying different foods and meeting new people!  

Strengths of the Program

Faculty with extensive experience in broad areas, strong psychotherapy training as well as the Child & Adolescent Fellowship program.    


  • The effect of racism on mental health in the immigrant and refugee population in North America: A scoping review. University of Calgary.
  • Audit of Obesity in GP Setting, University College Cork, Ireland.
  • Lost in Translation? The potential psychobiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus (JB-1) fails to modulate stress or cognitive performance in healthy male subjects,” Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.
  • Examining relative facial emotion and gender recognition in individuals with depressive and bipolar symptoms. Honours Thesis, University of Calgary.
  • Neural plasticity in the A1 region of mouse auditory cortex. Undergraduate Student Research Project presentation, University of Calgary.
  • Three-dimensional tonotopic organization of the C57 mouse cochlear nucleus, Hearing Research.

Poster Presentation

Drug metabolism in c. elegans as a model organism for h. contortus, SURE Program Research Presentation.