Family Care Program

Family Care Program (FCP) provides outpatient treatment to help pregnant or mothering women overcome drug addictions and be the best parents possible. We also provide services to the children of these women.

Our treatment approach is based upon a gender-responsive model in which addiction is believed to result from biological, psychological, social, and spiritual vulnerabilities, which often include a history of trauma, abuse, or neglect. This treatment:

  • Focuses on the woman’s role as a parent
  • Provides extensive outreach to encourage women to enter treatment
  • Provides individual therapy to help women work through the issues underlying their substance use
  • Encourages women’s involvement in group therapy as way to develop supportive interpersonal relationships
  • Addresses mental health and psychiatric challenges in addition to substance use
  • Views addiction as a chronic condition requiring on-going treatment

Our Clinicians

Toby McCoy, PhD, Director
Cooley L. Gaffigan, LCSW, MSW
Tina Young, LCSW, MSW
Sheenagh Wagnor, LCWS