Mehul Mankad

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Social and Community Psychiatry
School of Medicine

Assisant Clnical Professor in the School of Nursing

School of Nursing
School of Nursing
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200 Trent Drive, Box 3309, Durham, NC 27710

3309, Durham, NC 27710

(919) 681-1581 manka001@mc.duke.edu

Education & Training

M.D. 1998

Northwestern University

Resident, Psychiatry

Duke University

Fellow in Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry

Rush University


Grand Rounds - Shorter

Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation


A Novel Strategy for Continuation ECT in Geriatric Depression: Phase 2 of the PRIDE Study.

PMID 27418381
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Right Unilateral Ultrabrief Pulse ECT in Geriatric Depression: Phase 1 of the PRIDE Study.

PMID 27418379
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Informed Consent for Electroconvulsive Therapy--Finding Balance.

PMID 25945968
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Clinical Manual of Electroconvulsive Therapy

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The Legal and Ethical Aspects of Palliative Sedation among Terminal Stage Patients.

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Commentary: Incorporation of competence instruments into clinical practice.

PMID 12539899
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Mechanism of differentiation of human erythroleukaemic cell line K562 by hemin.

PMID 9116119
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Reconstitution of Ca(2+)-dependent K+ transport in erythrocyte membrane vesicles requires a cytoplasmic protein.

PMID 1918011
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