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Brian Kincaid, MD

Clinical Associate in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Clinical Associate in the Department of Medicine
General Psychiatry

My primary interest is in the clinical care of people with both medical and psychiatric disorders, particularly in the interactions between mental illness, physical illness, and medications.

Education and Training

  • Combined Internal Medicine and Rpsychiatry Residency, Psychiatry And Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, 2010 - 2015
  • M.D., Duke University School of Medicine, 2010


Muzyk, Andrew J., Ramonna G. Cvelich, Brian R. Kincaid, and Xavier A. Preud’homme. “Angioedema occurring in patient prescribed iloperidone and haloperidol: a cross-sensitivity reaction to antipsychotics from different chemical classes.” J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci 24, no. 2 (2012): E40–41.

Full Text

Batch, B. C., B. Kincaid, and R. S. surwit. “The role of stress in development and management of diabetes mellitus.” International Diabetes Monitor 1501, no. 21 (2009): 124–34.


Andrew J Muzyk, Brian B Kincaid. “Manifestations of Anxiety Explaining Tachycardia and Hypertension in a Patient with POTS.” Family Medicine & Medical Science Research 04, no. 01 (n.d.).

Full Text