Tony V. Pham, MD

Tony V. Pham, MD

Undergraduate School: University of Virginia
Medical School: Tulane University


Interests and Career Goals: Academic Global Health, Disaster Mental Health

Favorite Pastime: debating whether kangaroos can actually jump backwards

Strengths of the Program: Among other strengths, what most drew me to the Duke Psychiatry Program was its Global Health Pathway for residents and fellows.  Pathway residents are able to pursue a Master of Science in Global Health while conducting research at an international site.  Currently I plan to work in Nepal exploring the intersection between traditional/faith healers and mental health. 

Research, Presentations and Publications:

  1. Phoebe Prioleau, Tony Pham, David Anderson, Robert Yanagisawa, Kanako Taku, Meriam Lobel, and Craig Katz. 2016. 3/11 and 9/11: A Multi-faceted Investigation of a Survivor Exchange Program. Mental Health and Social Issues Following a Nuclear Accident (pp.83-97). Springer Japan.
  2. Fligelman B, Pham T, Bryson EO, Majeske M, Kellner CH.  Resolution of Acute Suicidality After a Single Right Unilateral Electroconvulsive Therapy.  J ECT. 2016 Mar;32(1):71-2
  3. Kellner CH, Pham TV, Aloysi AS, Majeske MF, Bryson EO.  Hemifacial Erythema in Right Unilateral Electroconvulsive Therapy.  J ECT. 2015 Sep;31(3):140
  4. Pham TV. (2011, April 22). Marijuana and Madness Book Review. The American Journal of Psychiatry Residents Journal. Publication
  5. Liu M., Zang S., Zhou E., Pham T., Han B., Viamonte M., Nguyen S. (2012). A Crescent City Connection: Establishing a Hepatitis B Screening Program in Greater New Orleans. Poster presented at: APAMSA Hepatitis B Conference; Boston, MA.