Clinical Psychology Fellowship

Clinical Psychology Fellowship

The Duke Clinical Psychology Fellowship Program is a post-doctoral training program in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center.

This 2-year full-time program began in 2016 and is designed to help advance the professional development and clinical training goals for clinical psychologists trained in a clinical scientist or scientist-practitioner model, and interested in pursuing a career as a clinician-educator in an academic medical center. Fellows conduct psychosocial assessments and provide contemporary cognitive behavioral therapies using empirically supported treatments and principles of change to a wide range of patients within clinics at Duke University Medical Center.

Programmatic didactics and professional development occur across five core training areas:

  • Ethics and professionalism 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Networking and professional development 
  • Preparing for a future of integrated behavioral care 
  • Preparing for success as care delivery models change from volume-based to value-based in the coming years

In addition, fellows complete a clinical quality project aligned with their professional development goals to help prepare them for success in value-based care delivery models.