Kyla Blalock

Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Psychiatry, Child & Family Mental Health & Developmental Neuroscience
School of Medicine

2608 Erwin Road, Suite 300, Durham, NC 27705

(919) 684-4686 kyla.machell@duke.edu

Child clinical psychology, mood and anxiety disorders, OCD, pediatric neuropsychology

Education & Training

Ph.D. 2017

George Mason University


2/4 Adapting Treatments for Suicidal College Students: A Multisite Trial

National Institutes of Health


Personality strengths in romantic relationships: Measuring perceptions of benefits and costs and their impact on personal and relational well-being.

PMID 28383929
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The cascade of positive events: Does exercise on a given day increase the frequency of additional positive events?

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Personality Strengths as Resilience: A One-Year Multiwave Study.

PMID 26918328
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Family environment as a moderator of the association between anxiety and suicidal ideation.

PMID 27035729
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Buffering the Negative Impact of Poverty on Youth: The Power of Purpose in Life

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Academic achievement at the cost of ambition: The mixed results of a supportive, interactive environment on socially anxious teenagers

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Attachment style and self-regulation: How our patterns in relationships reflect broader motivational styles

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Relationships between meaning in life, social and achievement events, and positive and negative affect in daily life.

PMID 24749860
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Positive emotion regulation: Addressing two myths

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Perceived responsiveness during an initial social interaction with a stranger predicts a positive memory bias one week later.

PMID 24717048
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Experiential avoidance and well-being: a daily diary analysis.

PMID 24800802
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A contextual approach to experiential avoidance and social anxiety: evidence from an experimental interaction and daily interactions of people with social anxiety disorder.

PMID 24749634
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The iron status of children and youth in a community mental health clinic is lower than that of a national sample.

PMID 23480325
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