Deepika Anand

Medical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, General Psychiatry
School of Medicine

2213 Elba St, Room 244, Durham, NC 27710

2213 Elba St, Room 244, Durham, NC 27710

(919) 660-2441 deepika.anand@duke.edu

Education & Training

Ph.D. 2016

Northwestern University


Identifying the Optimal Neural Target for Misophonia Interventions

The REAM Foundation


Evaluating Differential Item Functioning (DIF) of the Chinese Version of the Behavioral Activation for Depression Scale (C-BADS)

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Cultural Differences in Environmental Reward Across Individuals in China, Taiwan, and the United States

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Distress tolerance trajectories following substance use treatment.

PMID 31008636
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Substance type moderates the longitudinal association between depression and substance use from pre-treatment through a 1-year follow-up.

PMID 30784954
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The effect of a behavioral activation treatment for substance use on post-treatment abstinence: a randomized controlled trial.

PMID 28963853
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Emotion differentiation predicts likelihood of initial lapse following substance use treatment.

PMID 28992486
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Within-subject covariation between depression- and anxiety-related affect.

PMID 27215695
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Testing a hierarchical model of neuroticism and its cognitive facets: Latent structure and prospective prediction of first onsets of anxiety and unipolar mood disorders during 3 years in late adolescence

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Effect of failure/success feedback and the moderating influence of personality on reward motivation.

PMID 25759131
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