Addiction Patient Care

Addiction Patient Care

The Addictions Division at Duke Health provides services in all areas of addiction medicine, combining the use of traditional therapies with cutting edge treatments. Led by prominent physicians who are recognized for their contributions to advancing patient care in the area of addictions.     

Duke Addictions Program provides comprehensive evaluation, pharmaco-and behavioral therapy, and family and couples’ therapy. Clinicians in the DAP provide consult and oversight services at Lincoln Community Center, Duke Regional Hospital, and TROSA. This clinic also contributes to clinical trials and research on integrating substance abuse interventions into primary care. (919) 684-3850
Faculty: Ashwin Patkar, Paolo Mannelli, Kathleen Peindl 

VA Substance Abuse Clinic serves the Veteran population with pharmaco- and behavioral therapy for smoking cessation and treatment of alcoholism and other substance abuse.
Faculty: Roy Stein, Jesse McNiel, Scott Moore 

Duke Psychiatry Specialty Clinic of Cary combines the latest assessment and diagnostic techniques with comprehensive psychopharmacologic treatment options for alcoholism, substance abuse and other psychiatric disorders for children, adolescents, and adults. Clinical services are offered in a private, office-park setting. (919) 238-0008
Faculty: Ashwin Patkar, Paolo Mannelli

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