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Assistant Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Translational Neuroscience
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240 Katrina Way, Sylva, NC 28779

240 Katrina Way, Waynesville, NC 28786

(919) 768-2243 shawn.acheson@duke.edu

In collaboration with Dr. Scott Swartzwelder, research in our lab has focused on the neurodevelopmental effects of alcohol and other drugs of abuse. In particular, we have been interested in how and why adolescents are more sensitive to some effects of ethanol and THC (e.g., learning and memory) and less sensitive to other effects (e.g., sedation). Beginning in Fall 2011, my lab will begin a new line of research focused on potential pharmacotherapies for TBI and the basic underlying mechanisms of recovery of function following acquired brain injury. This work is funded by a Career Development Award from the Veterans Administration Biomedical Laboratory Research & Development service.

Education & Training

Ph.D. 1997

Southern Illinois University


1/8 NADIA UO1 Adolescent Alcohol Effects on Learning and Hippocampal Function

National Institutes of Health

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“Mixed” Drinking Motivations: A Comparison of Majority, Multiracial, and Minority College Students

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Author Correction: Neuroprotective pentapeptide CN-105 improves functional and histological outcomes in a murine model of intracerebral hemorrhage.

PMID 32313145
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Alcohol use and consequences in matriculating US college students by prescription stimulant/opioid nonmedical misuse status.

PMID 31415970
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Adolescent Ethanol Exposure Enhances NMDA Receptor-Mediated Currents in Hippocampal Neurons: Reversal by Gabapentin.

PMID 29030575
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Behavioral Inefficiency on a Risky Decision-Making Task in Adulthood after Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure in Rats.

PMID 28680108
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Erratum: Neuroprotective pentapeptide CN-105 improves functional and histological outcomes in a murine model of intracerebral hemorrhage.

PMID 28053324
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A blood-based biomarker panel to risk-stratify mild traumatic brain injury.

PMID 28355230
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Neuroprotective pentapeptide CN-105 improves functional and histological outcomes in a murine model of intracerebral hemorrhage.

PMID 27713572
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Opposing effects of traumatic brain injury on excitatory synaptic function in the lateral amygdala in the absence and presence of preinjury stress.

PMID 26707710
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Neurosteroids and traumatic brain injury translating biomarkers to therapeutics; overview and pilot investigations in Iraq and Afghanistan era veterans

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Adolescent intermittent alcohol exposure: persistence of structural and functional hippocampal abnormalities into adulthood.

PMID 25916839
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Adolescent Intermittent Alcohol Exposure: Deficits in Object Recognition Memory and Forebrain Cholinergic Markers.

PMID 26529506
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Adolescent alcohol exposure alters GABAA receptor subunit expression in adult hippocampus.

PMID 25421517
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Altered neurotransmission in the lateral amygdala in aged human apoE4 targeted replacement mice.

PMID 24698766
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Effect of sub-chronic intermittent ethanol exposure on spatial learning and ethanol sensitivity in adolescent and adult rats.

PMID 24795209
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Regional-specific effects of ovarian hormone loss on synaptic plasticity in adult human APOE targeted replacement mice.

PMID 24732142
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Long-term modulation of A-type K(+) conductances in hippocampal CA1 interneurons in rats after chronic intermittent ethanol exposure during adolescence or adulthood.

PMID 23889304
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Binge-pattern ethanol exposure during adolescence, but not adulthood, causes persistent changes in GABAA receptor-mediated tonic inhibition in dentate granule cells.

PMID 23413887
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ApolipoproteinE mimetic peptides improve outcome after focal ischemia.

PMID 23219883
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Long-term effects of chronic intermittent ethanol exposure in adolescent and adult rats: radial-arm maze performance and operant food reinforced responding.

PMID 23675442
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Effects of acute or chronic ethanol exposure during adolescence on behavioral inhibition and efficiency in a modified water maze task.

PMID 24147077
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Effects of ethanol, Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol, or their combination on object recognition memory and object preference in adolescent and adult male rats.

PMID 22959891
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In the rat, chronic intermittent ethanol exposure during adolescence alters the ethanol sensitivity of tonic inhibition in adulthood.

PMID 22014205
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Tobacco use among Iraq- and Afghanistan-era veterans: a qualitative study of barriers, facilitators, and treatment preferences.

PMID 22338598
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GABA transport modulates the ethanol sensitivity of tonic inhibition in the rat dentate gyrus.

PMID 21600727
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Characteristics and correlates of cigarette use among recent U.S. veterans

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Public health clinical demonstration project for smoking cessation in american veterans who served since september 11, 2001.

PMID 21769051
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The synthetic cannabinoid WIN 55212-2 differentially modulates thigmotaxis but not spatial learning in adolescent and adult animals.

PMID 21055447
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Role of cannabinoid receptor type 1 desensitization in greater tetrahydrocannabinol impairment of memory in adolescent rats.

PMID 20668056
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Predictors of relapse during treatment and treatment completion among marijuana-dependent adolescents in an intensive outpatient substance abuse program.

PMID 15201112
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Age-independent and dose-response effects of ethanol on spatial memory in rats.

PMID 11435027
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Neurotoxicity of ethyl methacrylate in rats.

PMID 10653438
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Developmental changes in seizure susceptibility during ethanol withdrawal.

PMID 10386661
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Impairment of semantic and figural memory by acute ethanol: age-dependent effects.

PMID 9802525
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Differential effects of ethanol on memory in adolescent and adult rats.

PMID 9581648
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Infant and preschool mental and verbal abilities: How are infant scores related to preschool scores?

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An examination of the proconvulsant actions of pyrethroid insecticides using pentylenetetrazol and amygdala kindling seizure models.

PMID 2374658
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