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The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences is led by Moira A. Rynn, MD, and a leadership team comprising four vice chairs as well as division directors and education program directors, who assist with the oversight and management of the department's 350+ clinical and research faculty, 70+ residents, fellows and interns, and 300+ staff members. Click on the individual's name to view their profile.


Moira RynnMoira Rynn, MD

Department Chair



Vice Chairs

Beth GlascockBeth Glascock, MPA

Vice Chair, Administration and Finance

Nicole Heilbron, PhD

Vice Chair, Clinical Services

Christine Marx, MD

Vice Chair, Faculty

Jonathan PosnerJonathan Posner, MD

Vice Chair, Research

Co-Division Directors


Adult Psychiatry & Psychology

Nicole Heilbron, PhD (interim)



Shelley Holmer, MD





Behavioral Medicine & Neurosciences

Jean Beckham, PhD




Moira Rynn, MD (interim)




Child & Family Mental Health & Community Psychiatry

Nicole Heilbron, PhD




Gary Maslow, MD