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The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences is led by Moira A. Rynn, MD, and a leadership team comprising four vice chairs as well as division directors and education program directors, who assist with the oversight and management of the department's 350+ clinical and research faculty, 70+ residents, fellows and interns, and 300+ staff members. Click on the individual's name to view their profile.


Moira RynnMoira Rynn, MD

Department Chair



Vice Chairs

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Vice Chair and Chief Administrative Officer

Nicole Heilbron, PhD

Vice Chair, Clinical Services

Christine Marx, MD

Vice Chair, Faculty

Jonathan PosnerJonathan Posner, MD

Vice Chair, Research

Co-Division Directors


Adult Psychiatry & Psychology

Nicole Heilbron, PhD (interim)



Shelley Holmer, MD





Behavioral Medicine & Neurosciences

Jean Beckham, PhD




Moira Rynn, MD (interim)




Child & Family Mental Health & Community Psychiatry

Nicole Heilbron, PhD




Gary Maslow, MD