Beverly H. Brummett, PhD


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Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Department / Division:
Psychiatry / Behavioral Medicine
4th Floor Duke So.
Room 4072
Durham, NC 27705
  • PhD, University of Kansas, 1996
Representative Publications:
  • Brummett, BH; Babyak, MA; Mark, DC; Williams, RB; Siegler, IC; Clapp-Channing, N; Barefoot, JC. Predictors of smoking cessation in patients with a diagnosis of coronary artery disease. Journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. 2002;22:143-147.  Abstract
  • Brummett, BH; Barefoot, JC; Siegler, IC; Clapp-Channing, NE; Lytle, BL; Bosworth, HB; Williams, RB; Mark, DB. Characteristics of socially isolated patients with coronary artery disease who are at elevated risk for mortality. Psychosomatic Medicine. 2001;63:267-272.  Abstract
  • Vitaliano, PP; Scanlan, JM; Zhang, J; Savage, MV; Brummett, B; Barefoot, J; Siegler, IC. Are the salutogenic effects of social supports modified by income? A test of an "added value hypothesis". Health Psychology. 2001;20:155-165.  Abstract
  • Barefoot, JC; Brummett, BH; Clapp-Channing, NE; Siegler, IC; Vitaliano, PP; Williams, RB; Mark, DB. Moderators of the effect of social support on depressive symptoms in cardiac patients. The American Journal of Cardiology. 2000;86:438-442.  Abstract
  • Barefoot, JC; Brummett, BH; Helms, MJ; Mark, DB; Siegler, IC; Williams, RB. Depressive symptoms and survival of patients with coronary artery disease. Psychosomatic Medicine. 2000;62:790-795.  Abstract
  • Bosworth, HB; Siegler, IC; Olsen, MK; Brummett, BH; Barefoot, JC; Williams, RB; Clapp-Channing, NE; Mark, DB. Social support and quality of life in patients with coronary artery disease. Quality of Life Research. 2000;9:829-839.  Abstract
  • Brummett, BH; Barefoot, JC; Feaganes, JR; Yen, S; Bosworth, HB; Williams, RB; Siegler, IC. Hostility in marital dyads: associations with depressive symptoms. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 2000;23:95-105.  Abstract
  • Brummett, BH; Barefoot, JC; Siegler, IC; Steffens, DC. Relation of subjective and received social support to clinical and self-report assessments of depressive symptoms in an elderly population. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2000;61:41-50.  Abstract
  • Brummett, BH; Maynard, KE; Haney, TL; Siegler, IC; Barefoot, JC. Reliability of interview-assessed hostility ratings across mode of assessment and time. Journal of Personality Assessment. 2000;75:225-236.  Abstract
  • Siegler, IC; Brummett, BH. Associations among NEO personality assessments and well-being at midlife: facet-level analyses. Psychology and Aging. 2000;15:710-714.  Abstract
  • Bosworth, HB; Siegler, IC; Brummett, BH; Barefoot, JC; Williams, RB; Clapp-Channing, NE; Mark, DB. The association between self-rated health and mortality in a well-characterized sample of coronary artery disease patients. Medical Care. 1999;37:1226-1236.  Abstract
  • Bosworth, HB; Siegler, IC; Brummett, BH; Barefoot, JC; Williams, RB; Vitaliano, PP; Clapp-Channing, N; Lytle, BL; Mark, DB. The relationship between self-rated health and health status among coronary artery patients. Journal of Aging and Health. 1999;11:565-584.  Abstract
  • Barefoot, JC; Maynard, KE; Beckham, JC; Brummett, BH; Hooker, K; Siegler, IC. Trust, health, and longevity. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 1998;21:517-526.  Abstract
  • Brummett, BH; Babyak, MA; Barefoot, JC; Bosworth, HB; Clapp-Channing, NE; Siegler, IC; Williams, RB; Mark, DB. Social support and hostility as predictors of depressive symptoms in cardiac patients one month after hospitalization: a prospective study. Psychosomatic Medicine. 1998;60:707-713.  Abstract
  • Brummett, BH; Maynard, KE; Babyak, MA; Haney, TL; Siegler, IC; Helms, MJ; Barefoot, JC. Measures of hostility as predictors of facial affect during social interaction: evidence for construct validity. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 1998;20:168-173.  Abstract