Christopher L. Edwards, PhD


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Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
Associate Professor in Medicine
Medical Director, Biofeedback Laboratory and Pediatric Neuropsychology Service
Department / Division:
Psychiatry / Behavioral Medicine
932 Morreene Road, Room 170
Durham, NC 27705
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Office Telephone:
  • PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Kentucky, 1997
  • Endocrinology and Psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center, 1997-1999
Other Training:
Clinical Interests:
Evaluation and treatment of disorders in which chronic pain is a significant symptom; psychosocial and mental treatment in the context of racial and cultural diversity
Research Interests:
Dr. Edwards is interested in 2 primary areas: Pain and Psychoneuroendocrinology. As it relates to pain, Dr. Edwards is interested in the multiple psychosocial factors including race/ ethnicity and coping that influence the manifestation and experiences of pain. In terms of psychoneuroendocrinology, he is very interested in the dynamic interaction between activity in the nervous system and hormonal system and behavior. Consistent with these interests, Dr. Edwards is currently studying race/ ethnic influences on pain associated with osteoarthritis as well as psychosocial factors that influence pain associated with Sickle Cell Disease. Additionally, he is studying the impact of new drugs for pain and Alzheimer's Disease on racial/ ethnic populations and a new couples and telephone-based intervention for African American men with prostate cancer.
Representative Publications:
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  • Schmechel, DE; Edwards, CL. Fibromyalgia, mood disorders, and intense creative energy: A1AT polymorphisms are not always silent. NeuroToxicology. 2012;33:1454-1472.  Abstract
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