Robert H. Shipley, PhD


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Associate Professor of Medical Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Department / Division:
Psychiatry / Addictions
Civitan Bldg
2213 Elba St
Durham, NC 27705
Office Telephone:
(919) 644-6522
  • PhD, University of Iowa, 0
Research Interests:
The primary goal of my research has been the design, implementation , and dissemination of cost-effective stop-smoking interventioins for use by individual smokers, and by companies and other organizations. This practical clinical research has been conducted at the Duke Outpatient Stop-Smoking Clinic (in continous operation since 1977), the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Clinic (in continous operation since 1980), the entire community of Raleigh NC (as part of the NCI sponsored COMMIT Trial), and hundreds of worksites around the country. In addition, hundreds of professionals have been trained to conduct the cost-effective QuitSmart stop smoking intervention.

This research is exploring ways to cut the cost of using the nicotine skin patch, ways to increase participation in smoking-cessation clinics, and ways to increase participation in smoking-cessation contests