Samuel B. Thielman, MD, PhD


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Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Department / Division:
Psychiatry / Social & Community Psychiatry
P.O. Box 786
Montreat, NC 28757
Office Telephone:
(828) 348-0456
  • MD, Duke University, 1980
  • PhD, Duke University, 1986
Research Interests:
Behavioral health support for global workers
Psychological responses to terrorism

Representative Publications:
  • Thielman, SB. Religion and Spirituality in the Description of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. In Religious and Spiritual Issues in Psychiatric Diagnosis A Research Agenda for DSM-V. American Psychiatric Pub.  
  • Lukoff, D; Cloninger, CR; Galanter, M; Gellerman, DM; Glickman, L; Koenig, HG; Lu, FG; Narrow, WE; Peteet, JR; Thielman, SB; Yang, CP. Religious and Spiritual Considerations in Psychiatric Diagnosis: Considerations for the DSM-V. In Religion and Psychiatry: Beyond Boundaries. 423-444.  
  • Thielman, SB. Spirituality and the care of madness: Historical considerations. In Religion and Spirituality in Psychiatry. 6-18.  
  • Thielman, S. 358. Massachusetts Medical Society.  
  • Bishop, L; Josephson, A; Thielman, S; Peteet, J. Neutrality, autonomy and mental health: a closer look. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic: A Journal for the Mental Health Professions. 2007;71:164-178.  Abstract
  • North, CS; Pfefferbaum, B; Narayanan, P; Thielman, S; McCoy, G; Dumont, C; Kawasaki, A; Ryosho, N; Kim, YS; Spitznagel, EL. Comparison of post-disaster psychiatric disorders after terrorist bombings in Nairobi and Oklahoma City. The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science. 2005;186:487-493.  Abstract
  • Thielman, SB. Observations on the impact on Kenyans of the August 7, 1998 bombing of the United States Embassy in Nairobi. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma. 2004;9:233-240.  
  • Thielman, SB. Psychiatric consequences of the 1998 US Embassy bombing in Nairobi, Kenya. Psychiatric annals. 2004;34:644-+.  
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  • Thielman, SB. Help After High Stress Assignments. 83:54-55.