Moria Smoski, PhD


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Moria Smoski, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She conducts research on emotion regulation and reward processing in late-life depression. She uses behavioral and functional neuroimaging methods to better understand the effectiveness and limitations of cognitive emotion regulation strategies, as well as how sensitivity to reward may be altered in late-life depression. She is especially interested in psychosocial interventions that can support healthy emotion processing. Dr. Smoski is a faculty member with the Cognitive Behavioral Research and Treatment Program at Duke, where she also provides outpatient psychotherapy and supervises trainees. Her current studies include:

  • Functional neuroimaging and behavioral studies of reappraisal, distraction, and acceptance regulation strategies
  • Neural and genetic predictors of outcome of behavioral activation psychotherapy in mid- and late-life depression
  • Studies of reward learning in late-life depression