Martha Payne, PhD, MPH


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Martha Payne, PhD, MPH is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Senior Fellow in the Duke Center for Aging and Human Development, and Co-Director of the Duke Neuropsychiatric Imaging Research Laboratory. Dr. Payne investigates the relationships among diet, late-life depression and brain health. She identifies dietary factors that influence the occurrence and progression of mental disorders in older adults. In addition, she examines foods and nutrients that relate to structural brain changes. Dr. Payne aims to identify dietary factors that may be altered as a way to prevent late-life depression and cognitive decline. Her studies incorporate nutritional assessment and brain MRI.

Dr. Payne’s current investigations include:

  • Relationship between depression and intakes of antioxidants, fruits and vegetables
  • Associations between dietary calcium and white matter brain lesions in older women with depression
  • Correlation between dietary glycemic measures and depression