Duke Twins Study


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The Duke Twins Study of Memory in Aging is a longitudinal study of cognitive change and dementia in the population-based National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NAS-NRC) Twin Registry of World War II Male Veterans. The NAS-NRC Twin Registry is one of the oldest, national population based-twin registries in the United States. It consists of 15,924 white male twin pairs born in the years 1917-1927 (inclusive) both of whom served in the armed forces. The registry, which has been in operation more than 30 years, has collected data from a variety of sources. The primary goal of the Duke Twins Study has been to investigate genetic and environmental antecedents of cognitive decline and dementia. Every 3-4 years from 1989 - 2002, a wave of data collection was completed. Each wave included a two-phase telephone cognitive screening protocol, followed by an in-home standardized clinical assessment for those with suspected dementia. In addition to data on cognition, information about occupational history, medical history, medications and other lifetime experiences have been collected. Some of the data is available to other researchers and more will be made available in the future. The Duke Twins Study was funded by NIH (AG-08549).

Web site: http://www.iom.edu/Activities/Veterans/CohortCatalog/WWII-Twin-Registry-...

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