Duke Forensic Psychiatry Associates


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Mental health professionals play an important role in providing expertise to the judicial system. As part of the Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC), psychiatrists, psychologists, and other professionals on the Duke faculty are available to offer evidence-based forensic consultation to legal professionals. Duke’s professionals have a wide range of experience and expertise.

Below is a listing of the areas in which our faculty can provide forensic expertise. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the full list of our experts. For assistance with referrals or for further information about Duke Forensic Psychiatry Associates, please contact John Looney, MD, MBA at 919-684-6457 or john.looney@duke.edu. You will receive a response within one business day.

Abuse by Clergy
Addiction Medicine
Adolescent Mood Disorders
Adolescent Substance Abuse
Brain Injury
Brain Stimulation (ECT, TMS, VNS, DBS)
Child and Adolescent Development
Civil Commitment
Civil Competencies
Competency to Stand Trial/NGRI
Development Issues of College Students
Drug Metabolism
Drugs, Alcohol and Behavior
Ethnic, Cultural, and Minority Issues
Fitness for Duty
Forensic Psychiatry
Genetics and Behavior
Hospital and Residential Treatment
Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)
Insanity Defense
Juvenile Justice
Late Life Depression
Medical Product Liability Issues
Mood Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Organ Transplant Assessment
Pain Intervention Assessment and Pain Management
Parenting and Child Development
Personal Injury
Problems in Schools
Psychological Testing for Court
Psychosomatic Medicine
Sex Abuse
Sleep Disorders
Tourette's and Chronic Motor or Vocal Tic Disorders
Trauma and PTSD
Weight Loss Surgery Assessment
Women's Mental Health


Duke Forensic Psychiatry Associates

Shawn Acheson, PhD
Katherine Applegate, PhD
Deborah Attix, PhD
John Beyer, MD
Dan D. Blazer, MD, PhD
Bruce Capehart, MD
Eric Christopher, MD
Scott Compton, PhD
John Curry, PhD
Christopher Edwards, PhD
Helen Egger, MD
David Goldston, PhD
Nicole Heilbron, PhD
Wei Jiang, MD
Scott Kollins, PhD
Andrew Krystal, MD
John Looney, MD, MBA
Mehul Mankad, MD
David Marks, MD
Shawn McClintock, PhD, MSCS
Joe McEvoy, MD
Thangaraju Murugesan, PhD
Andrew Muzyk, PharmD
Ashwin Patkar, MD, MRCPsych
Xavier Preud'homme, MD
Holly Rogers, MD
Jeff Sapyta, PhD
Elizabeth Van Voorhees, PhD
Marla Wald, MD