Duke Sleep Clinic (DSC)


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The Duke Sleep Clinic (DSC) is a leading center for sleep research and for the clinical treatment of patients with sleep disorders. The DSC is dedicated to carrying out research to better understand the functions of normal sleep, to delineate the mechanisms of sleep disorders and to develop better treatments for sleep disorders.

The primary areas of research carried out in the DSC include: behavioral and pharmacologic treatment of insomnia, validating insomnia diagnostic systems, the treatment of narcolepsy, the treatment of patients with daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea, the treatment of insomnia in patients with fibromyalgia, the treatment of insomnia patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, the treatment of insomnia in patients with chronic low back pain, and the pathophysiology of nocturia.

Patients with a variety of sleep disorders and related disorders are seen by DSC clinicians in outpatient clinics in the Duke Clinic Building and at Duke University Faculty Practice (formerly the Wachovia Bank Building).