Division on Addiction Research and Translation


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Addiction is a treatable brain disease. Our mission in the Division on Addiction Research and Translation is to improve understanding of the neurobehavioral mechanisms of addiction, apply that knowledge to develop better therapies, give the best treatments for people suffering from addiction and provide education for researchers and clinicians in addiction science and medicine. We bring together researchers and clinicians of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke who have as a goal the successful treatment of the addiction and abuse of a wide range of drugs, including tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine, heroin and prescription drugs. We use a broad spectrum of approaches including molecular, cellular and experimental animal research, as well as human psychopharmacological, brain stimulation, brain imaging and cognitive behavioral studies to develop comprehensive understanding of addictive processes and their successful treatments. Our clinical therapy programs offer cutting-edge interventions for people suffering from drug addiction and abuse. We invite all who are interested to join us in our work for better research, treatment and education to solve the problems of drug addiction.


Duke Addictions Program (DAP) and Substance Abuse Consult Liaison Program

Duke Center for Smoking Cessation

Duke Family Care Program

Duke Health Behavior Neuroscience Research Program

Levin Lab

Swartzwelder Group

Tong Lee Lab